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Extend the life of your leather footwear

Shoe polish is not just for making your shoes shiny.  A paste shoe polish or shoe cream will preserve the leather and, along with proactive repairing, extend the life of your footwear.



Polishing leather footwear (not suede, nubuck or patent)

  1. Use a shoe cream or a solid (paste) shoe polish in a colour that best matches the shoes.  A neutral cream or polish can be used on new shoes or if you cannot find a colour match.  If the leather is badly scuffed use a renovating shoe polish to restore colour.

  2. Remove any surface dirt before applying polish, using a damp cloth if necessary.  If there is a noticeable build-up on the leather of previous products you may wish to remove this using a leather cleaner or leather soap before applying fresh polish.

  3. Shoes should be dry before applying polish.

  4. Apply polish to leather in circular movements with a shoe brush or soft cloth.  Work polish into the welt (the stitched area around the upper of the shoe) and into any creases.

  5. Buff shoes with a polishing shoe brush or a soft cloth (e.g. an old t-shirt).

  6. Applying a water protector after polishing, and as required, will provide extra weather protection.

There are various tips for achieving a mirror-finish military shine, including the spit-and-polish method (bulling).  The above is the basic method for polishing everyday footwear and it can take just a few minutes or as long as you like.

Regular polishing will protect and preserve the leather.

Suede and nubuck

  1. Use a suede or nubuck brush for general cleaning.

  2. Spots and stains can be removed with Kiwi Select Suede & Nubuck Cleaning Block, or the whole shoe dry cleaned with Kiwi Select Suede & Nubuck Dry Cleaner.

  3. Wet shoes should be filled with newspaper to help maintain shape and allowed to dry naturally away from direct heat.

  4. Apply a water protector regularly for weather protection.


Patent leather shoes can be cleaned with Kiwi Select Delicate Shoe Cream.

Outdoor footwear

Products that we sell for outdoor leather footwear include:

Nikwax Aqueous Wax, Nikwax Leather Conditioner, Nikwax Waterproofing Wax, Dasco Dubbin, Chelsea Dubbin Leatherfood and Neatsfoot Oil.

Some swear by neatsfoot oil, but it's really down to personal preference.


  1. If the toe area of the sole wears thin before the rest of the sole needs repairing, toe pieces can be fitted rather than resoling.

  2. If the centre of the soles feel soft or spongy this indicates that the soles need replacing.

  3. A “skin” sole can be fitted to new shoes to protect the original sole without affecting the balance of the shoe.  Skin soles will also provide grip if the original soles are slippery and can be inexpensively replaced when necessary.

  4. Heel top pieces should be replaced after approx ¼” of wear, to avoid damage to the heel.

Never place wet leather items next to a radiator or any other direct heat source, to dry.  Allow to dry naturally away from direct heat.  Shoes can be filled with newspaper to speed up drying and to help maintain shape — especially important with suede shoes if you are unable to wear them until they are dry.



   Kiwi paste shoe polish   Kiwi Select Shoe Cream   Kiwi Select paste renovating polish 

Kiwi Select Suede & Nubuck Dry Cleaner  Punch instant protector  Kelly's water protector





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